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BOS SE UCH Milington´s Lewis El Hijo De Claude BOB Falamandus wow factor
BOS Skk Backamo Juge. Mikael Nilsson Svergie.
Class Winner 9- 15 month . 2nd best bitch and best junior.🏆🏆🏆💖 Tibetanrocks Dream on Lea-K. " Stacey " 💖 E: C.I.B. NORD UCH RLD N&F&A&M SE RALLYCH Milington's Hechicero De La Noche U: C.I.B.DK JV-16 DK V-17 NO JV-16 NORDCH Milington's Lea Kickboxer Gana Todo.
Stacey has been to her first 2 shows in Junior class. she became class winner both days at Skk Backamo. day 1. she received Ecxellent. Day 2. Ecxellent CQ 2nd Best bitch and best junior and invited to Cruft.
Stacey börjar växa på sig feb 2021